OSCE – Ukraine

EIA and Air Quality Risk Assessment for the removal and neutralisation of IRFNA fuel from military bases

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a liquid rocket fuel component (hereinafter referred to as Mélange) was left behind on the Ukrainian territory.  Ukraine currently possesses five types of Mélange. Mélange is a highly toxic and hazardous substance – liquid oxidizers containing Inhibited Red-fuming Nitric Acid (IRFNA) – dangerous to human health and the environment.

Mélange has been stored for a long time (since the early 1960s). To facilitate the elimination of Mélange, the OSCE and the Ukrainian Government have agreed to undertake the project “Assisting the Ukrainian Government in Eliminating Mélange (Liquid Rocket Fuel Component) Stockpiles”.

The EIA provided the OSCE with additional information to substantiate remediation actions on environmental grounds and to assess and prepare management plans for environmental risks during the demolition and removal activities.