About us

ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus was founded in June of 2000 aspiring to provide value added services regarding Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.

Driven by our focus on customer satisfaction, our passion for providing innovative solutions, state of the art tools and highly skilled staff, the company has excelled in supporting organizations of both the private and public sectors in Cyprus and abroad.

We help the public sector manage environmental resources, reclaim degraded areas and develop sustainable development strategies. For our private sector clients, we provide practical and cost-efficient solutions to their environmental issues, we ensure legal compliance and the issuing of environmental permits and we support businesses in exploiting National and EU funds.

With a focus on reconciling developmental and environmental goals through innovative and out of the box thinking, the company has also played a key role in the development and implementation of exceptionally innovative projects in such aspects as environmental noise, urban sustainability, air quality and water resources management which were co-funded by a wide variety of EU and National funding programs.

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Our Team

Our company consists of dedicated, experienced and professional staff.

Charalambos PanayiotouBSc in Environmental Sciences, MSc in Boundary Meteorology

Charalambos Panayiotou is the Managing Director of Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd and cofounder and Executive Director of Envirochem Cyprus Ltd. He has a BSc in Environmental Sciences and MSc in Boundary Meteorology. His scientific experience lies mostly in the field of Environmental Management and Environmental Impact Assessment. He is particularly experienced in integrated environmental modeling and assessment in the fields of air quality, surface water quality and environmental noise and has participated in numerous projects for the Cyprus Competent Authorities, in EU funded research and consultancy projects for the private sector. He has played a key role in developing EU funded projects for a wide variety of programmes such as LIFE, INCO-MPC, LEONARDO, Europe Innova, FP7-Regions and LIFE+. Projects were developed on behalf of Cyprus National Authorities as well as various research institutions.

Having a firm belief that innovation in necessary for tackling present day environmental issues and for reconciling environmental sustainability with business development, Mr Panayiotou has also been active in the field of innovation management and technology brokerage and has participated in feasibility studies and project development for innovative environmental projects, with emphasis on waste to energy projects both in Cyprus and abroad.

Mr. Panayiotou is a founding member of the Cyprus Federation of Environmental Scientists and Engineers and represent ATLANTIS at the Greenovate! Europe group.


Nada PanayiotouDiploma in Economics

Mrs Panayiotou is working as Financial Controller in Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd.

She has been responsible for initial internal audit (Auditor for all project partners-Value more than 700.000 euro) for 4 major EU funded projects under the LIFE Third Countries, Life Nature and INCO FP6 programmes (Projects: Strategic design for urban sustainability indicators in Cyprus, Water Resources management study for the Diarizos river Cyprus NATURA sites Management Plan).

Mrs. Panayiotou possesses a Diploma in Economics – along with a 10-year experience as employee at the YUGOSLAV EXPORT AND CREDIT Bank in Belgrade as well as 6 years of experience as Executive Secretary (Management Support) at Timbertrade International Ltd Cyprus.

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Elias EliadesDiploma (D.U.TH) BSc, MSc Civil Engineering A.U.TH

Elias Eliades is the Head of the Environmental Department of Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd. He graduated from the Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.TH) in 2008, with a diploma in Geotechnical Sciences recognized as a Master Degree. He continued his study in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Faculty of Engineering, with an MSc in Civil Engineering, specialized in Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development. He is responsible among other things for working on different EU funded projects, for preparing environmental impact assessments and to provide advice in projects that require environmental inputs, in order to achieve a more sustainable outcome, management studies, water and aquifer management and simulations, renewable energy studies and general environmental consulting services.

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Anna FokaBSc Environmental Engineering
MSc Environmental Engineering & Science (Energy Design & Sustainability)

Anna Foka is the Head of Management Consulting Department in Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd. She is an Environmental Engineer (2009) with a MSc degree in “Environmental Engineering and Science” focusing on “Energy Design and Sustainability” (2011). She is also certified as a European Energy Manager (EUREM) and Energy Auditor (Categories A & B). She has worked with public and private sectors performing Environmental Impact Studies, Energy Optimization Studies & Energy Saving Suggestions for buildings and industry, Waste Management Studies and Feasibility Studies. She has also participated and been involved in a large variety of EU and National funded projects.

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Charis MikkidesBSc –MSc Chemical Engineering
BSc – Mechanical Engineering

Charis Mikkides is currently working with Atlantis Consulting as Environmental Consultant, where he is responsible among others for the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessments, for working on EU Research Programs, for preparing waste management permits and waste disposal permits and he is, also, engaged in the management and disposal of hazardous waste.

He is a certified ADR consultant, he have experience in production quality control, CE certification, domestic mechanical equipment consulting and Health & Safety. He has also participated in a research program for scale formation on natural gas pipelines at NTNU university of Norway.

Mr. Mikkides graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department of University of Patras and from the Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Cyprus.

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Dimitris Stivaridis BSc Geology (A.U.TH.)
MSc Water & Environmental Engineering (University of Surrey)

Dimitris Stivaridis is currently working with Atlantis Consulting as Environmental Consultant. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2008, with a degree in Geology. He continued his studies in the University of Surrey, in the U.K., with an MSc on Water & Environmental Engineering. His expertise is Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessments, Implementation of EU Research Programs, Management and Disposal of Hazardous Waste. He has more than 5 years’ experience as a geologist which includes Soil & Groundwater Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation, Environmental Risk Assessment and Drilling, Sampling and Environmental Monitoring and many more.

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Konstantinos Patsalos Mr. Konstantinos Patsalos is currently working in a full-time basis in ATLANTIS Environment and Innovation Ltd as an Environmental Consultant. He graduated Newcastle University in UK in 2020, with a degree in Environmental Science. He has also completed a year-long placement working at BOSCH Thermotechnology Ltd. in Worcester, UK, as a Health, Safety and Environment Officer.
He’s responsibilities in ATLANTIS amongst other things include the elaboration of studies and field work related to his field of study/specialty, Environmental Monitoring, participation in the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessments Studies (EIA’s) and Environmental management projects. Mr. K.Patsalos also participating in the implementation of research and other projects related to environmental management and other activities of ATLANTIS according to the company’s needs and always with adherence to the procedures according to ISO 9001 of the company.

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