Management Consulting

  • Environmental Management and Quality Management Systems (ISO14001, EMAS, ISO9001)
  • Consultancy support and project management services for Project and R&D financing through National and EU funding programs
    1. Periodic analysis of the client’s activities and investment planning in order to identify activities that may be eligible for funding.
    2. Systematic monitoring of National and EU Funding programmes and provision of relevant information to the client.
    3. Detailed elaboration of programmes and other funding opportunities that the client is interested in, and assessment of the suitability, feasibility and benefits from participation.
    4. Support in identifying suitable partner networks and in establishing working relationships and agreements with potential partners.
    5. Consultancy support regarding programme requirements, rules and implementation procedures, including electronic submission processes when appropriate, and in proposal preparation.
    6. Elaboration of proposals ensuring all required information and documentation are collected and presented in a proper and timely manner and in accordance with the requirements of the program rules.
    7. Final check and editing of proposals and submission of the final proposals

    In case proposal are selected for funding:

    1. Provide project management consultancy support

    The service includes support in preparing periodic and progress reports, collecting and maintaining relevant technical documentation and liaison with the funding agency.

    1. Provide financial management services

    The service includes training in financial rules and procedures of the program, support in collecting and maintaining financial records, preparation of financial reports, control of conformance to the project budget and addressing financial issues including budget modifications.

  •     10. Presence of ATLANTIS staff during Checks and Audits by the funding agency.

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