Bird Survey to assess risk of birdstrike to airframes

The project involves the periodic monitoring of the Akrotiri area, by conducting inspections of the runway and surrounding area, to assess the risk of bird collisions with aircraft, as also the risk of mammals, especially stray dogs and foxes. The Sovereign Base Areas (Cyprus), through the approved financial plan for the financial year 2015-2016, (1097 No.DC15062-002 / Work Order No. WC750459), assigned ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus LTD to conduct the relevant field study visits, which are still in development.

Investigations mainly focused on data collection, in relation to mergers and fauna movements in and around the base airport. The study also assess habitat, in order to identify key species that are attracted to the area. During the study, location, bird flight lines (origin and destination), species and numbers of existing birds, weather conditions of the area, and all the factors that could affect the activity of birds will be recorded and analysed. Finally, in order to facilitate the risk assessment and the implementation of measures to reduce the risk, bird catchment areas will be identified and presented on maps.