DECATASTROPHIZE – Use of SDSS and MCDA to prepare for disasters or plan for multiple hazards

The goal of DECATASTROPHIZE (DECAT) is to use a geo‐spatial early warning decision support system (GE‐DSS) for  rapid deployment, interoperability, transferability and sustainability to assess, prepare for and respond to multiple and/or simultaneous natural and man-made hazards, disasters, and environmental incidents  by  using  existing  models/systems  in  a  synergistic way on ONE multiplatform,  distributed  and  integrated FRAMEWORK called DECAT in six partner countries (Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain). The DECAT concept is based on the use of geo‐spatial early warning decision support systems (GE‐DSS) combined with integrated geographic information system (GIS) solutions and multi‐ criteria decision analysis (MCDA) fuses text and geographic information into one view. In addition to integrating the a) GE‐DSS, b) MCDA, c) Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs), and d) Operational Resources (OR) in the field in each partner country, the DECAT methodological FRAMEWORK will also integrate hazard/risk assessment with the common operational picture.