ATLANTIS Environment & Innovation in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology and ELARD have recently completed the independent evaluation of Phase III of Lebanon’s Disaster Risk Management (DRM) project. The project is implemented by UNDP Lebanon and aimed “to help the Government of Lebanon in establishing effective national institutions; including disaster risk information and disaster risk management systems, to increase societal resilience against disasters, especially in refugee-hosting high risk within major local authorities” and involved the following outputs:

  • Improve national governance for disaster risk reduction through establishment of institutional mechanisms, instruments and technical capacities.
  • Capability building of stakeholders in undertaking risk-sensitive development planning based upon advance risk information systems.
  • Enhance the resilience of Refugee-hosting local authorities against risks of disasters and civic conflicts.
  • Support the development of a national recovery strategy and national capacities to implement post-crisis recovery programs. 

The OECD/DAC evaluation methodology was applied.