Continuing from the very successful REMEB project (funded by H2020), within which a new ceramic MBR system was developed, LIFE AMIA will implement a full scale demonstration of the system combined with the use of renewable energy sources at the Alicante Wastewater treatment plant. The project is coordinated by FACSA in Spain and includes the Murcia Regional Water Authority, the Spanish ‘Superior Council of Scientific Research’, and companies ARVIA and IPROMA. ATLANTIS is proud to have been invited to join this prestigious team given its solid reputation and expertise in water resources management and exploitation strategic planning for eco-innovative technologies. 


A new LIFE+ Integrated Project was awarded to the Cyprus Department of Environment. With a budget of seventeen million euro and duration of ten years, it is by far the largest project undertaken by the department. The project aims to establish new management systems and governance structures as well as implement on the field works for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity. Partners include public authorities, private companies and universities from Cyprus and Greece.