ATLANTIS is proud to announce that project INGUMA has been awarded funding under the CircBio: Ecofriendly consumer products call of the Horizon Europe Program. The project is concerned with the development of environmentally friendly construction materials derived from biobased feedstocks and ATLANTIS is leading the exploitation Work Package. Inguma is the fourth Horizon Europe project in which ATLANTIS is participating as exploitation leader, following a series of projects in Horizon 2020, Norwegian funds and a close to market LIFE project implemented in Spain and has gradually built a solid reputation as a highly effective exploitation partner with a focus on eco-innovation and sustainable development projects.

Specialising in Environmental management since 2000, Atlantis has implemented numerous environmental studies, environmental resources management and policy development projects for the public and private sectors in Cyprus and abroad. Further, with a firm focus on reconciling developmental and environmental goals through innovation, ATLANTIS has contributed to the development and implementation of exceptionally innovative and sophisticated projects in such aspects as sustainable resources management, circular economy, biobased economy, environmental pollution and waste management, funded through a wide variety EU and National funding programs.